• 14.08.2021
    Koiteli Elää 2021


Lanai is the folk extravaganza of Finnish musicians Petri Kuusela (1990) and Tanja Torvikoski (1986) where rootsy, American singer-songwriter and folk music tradition meets wide, northern soundscapes.

Both born and raised in the northern port city of Oulu, the pair circled their shared hometown for years before actually meeting. They were following their own musical paths that seemed to be veering towards session musicianship and/or solo careers. However, from the moment they first played together, it didn’t take long for a driving duo to take shape. Kuusela’s virtuous guitar playing and Torvikoski’s haunting singing voice make up a musical conversation that is the foundation of their songwriting as well as live dynamics. Topped with vocal harmonies and thoughtfully weaved arrangements Lanai’s live performances make an evocative and even meditative experience.

The kinship shared towards the songwriting tradition and aesthetics has served as a common language and a compass amid the abundance of their musical influences. This pull in the same direction became the guideline for the record which, regardless of the melancholic undercurrent, bears a strong sense of hope.

Their debut album ”Ship’s Bell” was released March 1st 2019 gaining beautiful reviews internationally and made Lanai one of Finland’s most singular emerging alternative folk acts.

The album was recorded in a remote cabin in the outskirts of Lapland that worked as the laboratory for the pairs endeavor. When the album was nearly done, they were joined by two Grammy-winning musicians Rob Moose (strings) and Kim Rosen (mastering) in the finishing of the record. After the record release Lanai has done two extensive tours, played summer festivals and clubs in Finland and is now writing their second full-length.

”What a lovely album.”

The Music Below, US

”A mature album full of beautiful songs.”
The Next Gig, NL

“Understated grace. Life and vibrance”.
Comeherefloyd, US

“This is one to watch out for.”
Born Music, UK

“As far as debuts go, they rarely sound as ready as this one.”
Alice & June, FIN

”Todella hyvin tehtyä, loppuun asti vietyä, modernia folk-musiikkia.”
Pekka Laine, YLE

”Viimeisen kappaleen sulkeuduttua sieluun on hiipinyt uskomattoman raukea ja aurinkoinen olo.”
Mika Roth, Desibeli

“Huolella ja paneutumisella kypsytetty esikoisalbumi on jo nyt vuoden kotimaisia kiekkoja.”

”Eteerisen kaunis.”
Lassi Linnola, Soundi